Digital TV Info What is Digital?

What is Digital?

digital satelliteDigital transmissions are made up of electrical pulses in varying sequences creating binary codes of 0’s and 1’s, a bit like Morse code.  This is ‘discrete’ data that can be clearly separated and counted meaning it can be plainly identified by the receiving equipment, the background ‘noise’ is ignored.  The strength of the signal is also less important in digital transmissions as the quality of reception is only dependant on being able to read the code, no matter how faint the data maybe the information received will be clear.

The older analogue transmissions are made up of varying electrical waves containing ‘continuous’  data, meaning the signals cannot be separated or counted.  For this reason the information is easily corrupted by ‘noise’ created by other electrical or magnetic sources. Any attempt to amplify the signal also magnifies the ‘noise’ as analogue signals cannot be separated, the data received will always be sub standard to some degree.