Digital TV Info Aerials


aerialSatellite & Aerial Scotland was the first company in Scotland to fit only digitally compatible aerials as standard in all their installations as early as 2004.  The company remains at the forefront of digital technology, proud to give its customers the best digital service available.

Most existing aerials will be able to receive digital TV to some degree but they were designed for analogue signals, so there will be variation in the quality of reception, especially with very old installations.  Old aerials would have been installed to pick up a relatively narrow range of signals and be pointed at the local analogue transmitter.

anologueEquipment degrades over time, this is not noticeable with analogue signals as the picture also degrades slowly but with digital the reception stays the same until it reaches a critical point and the picture freezes or disappears completely. If required, a new aerial installation is designed specifically to optimise digital transmissions. High gain aerials, with a very broad band width, will improve picture quality even in reception black spots, stopping digital breakup and increasing the amount of channels that can be received.