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Supertelly gives you the magic of Sky+ and the TV you love in high definition. Pause, rewind and record the widest range of programming in glorious HD. Hear all the big moments in sports, see the latest blockbusters in your living room and get closer to explosive dramas.

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Sky television is received via satellite and provides a large and varied selection of some 160 digital TV/Radio channels and additional 230 free to air channels that will still be available to you if you choose to end your contract after 12 months.  An assortment of TV packages are offered made up of categories to cover every interest including ‘Lifestyle’, ‘History’, ‘Kids’ and so on. These packages cost from £18 to £48.50 a month for a 12 month minimum, discounts for broadband and telephone will also be offered as part of the contract.  The equipment installed as part of the contract will be free but upgrades to HD or other new technologies may carry an extra charge.  Standard installation of the mini dish cost around £30 but complex or high installations will cost more.

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