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IRSdiagramIRS- Integrated Reception System

A more comprehensive and future proof option is an integrated reception system (IRS) this is capable of receiving signals from terrestrial transmitters for television, FM radio, DAB digital radio and satellite TV and radio. This cluster of receiver equipment when used with a signal booster can serve multiple dwellings, from single blocks of 2 units to 100 units plus or connecting blocks, as in a row of tenements.

The benefit of this system is the reduction in individual aerials and satellite dishes on communal housing, which is unsightly and difficult to maintain, also professional placement reduces risk of vandalism and signal interruption.  To maintain reception quality and to minimise the amount of disruption caused to surrounding grounds/gardens/footpaths it is recommended that each block has its own IRS system.

Although IRS is more expensive than MATV due to the high quality equipment required for satellite reception, it is worth considering that investment in IRS maybe more cost effective in the long term.  MATV system is basic and older installations may need to be upgraded to be ready for the digital switchover anyway; IRS will cover all future eventualities.

Planning Permission IRS

For blocks above 5 floors, planning permission is not needed provided there are less than two dishes on the block and they do not exceed 1.3metres in diameter. It is assumed that the buildings are not in a conservation area.