Sky movies in HD

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Superb picture and crystal clear sound from HD.

Also never miss a thing just pause and rewind at your leisure.

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Superior Quality

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HD TV brings your movies to life with vivid picture detail and improved sound.

Simply sign up to Sky HD to get it FREE!

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Free Install of SKY+

SAS can supply you with the best and install it free! We do satellite installations and repairs throughout Glasgow and Scotland

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Here are the six top reasons to get Sky+ now.

1You have a hd ready telly: If you have a High Definition television, then you are wasting your money unless you get proper hd broadcasts. That service is provided by Sky+HD.

2Better picture detail: The main benefit of hd is of course the picture quality, you go from a standard picture to full Sky+HD with twice as much picture detail.

3Better sound:Sky+HDbroadcast their HD content with 5.1 surround sound, so if your equipment can handle that kind of quality you will be in for a real treat. I have mine hooked up to 5.1 sony amp with surround speakers and it really does bring movies to life.

4More Hd stations than anyone else: Virgin and BBC don’t come close to the amount of high definition stations that Sky+HD has to offer. The have the largest choice of hd content in the united kingdom. So more choice is better for you.

5Remote record from anywhere in the worldThis is one of my favorite features, you can login to the sky telly schedule and plot out what you want to record and its done. So if you are sick at work, you could spend a couple of hrs plotting your weeks viewing, genius.

6Sky Movies HD: Lots of movie stations, in fact sky have more than anyone else with more added all the time. Once you start to get use to hd you never want to go back to standard definition.

Sky-HD for free

You can now get Sky HD for free! Give us a call to find out how you can get it for yourself.

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Get ready for digital

Are you ready for the big switch over? All analogue signals are getting switched off soon.

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